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  Past Meetings and Events Archives

(We're missing some years for now, but will add more when we can.)


Through May 16 -- Thomas Mann at the Bellevue Art Museum. This exhibit is entitled Storm Cycle and is work he did in response to Hurricane Katrina. It inncludes jewelry and mixed media panels.

March 3 - 5 -- Bead Show at Seattle Center Fischer Pavilion. Visit Intergem for more info

Saturday, March 4 -- Ramona Solberg Estate Sale, 6345 Sand Point Way NE. 9am to 3pm Cash and checks only - no credit cards accepted.

March 16th -- NWBS General Meeting: Our speaker is Gina Pankowski. See her work on her website www.lattisdesign.com

March 17 - 19 -- Bead Show at Qwest Field Event Center. Visit Intergem for more info

April 20 -- NWBS General Meeting

May 18 -- NWBS General Meeting

June 15 -- NWBS General Meeting

September 21 -- NWBS General Meeting

October 7th & 8th -- NWBS Bead Bazaar

October 19 -- NWBS General Meeting

November 16 -- NWBS General Meeting

June 11-18 -- Bead & Button Show, Milwaukee, WI. Visit beadandbuttonshow.com
Ongoing -- Seattle Art Museum exhibit, "The Beads of a Maasai Bride"


September 29 - January 1 -- "David Chatt: Two Hands, Twenty Years, and a Billion Beads" exhibit at Bellevue Art Museum.

October 27, 2005 - February 26, 2006 -- Bellevue Art Museum exhibit, "Looking Forward Glancing Back: Northwest Designer Craftsmen at 50." Over 100 contemporary and historic works by NWDC artist members including our own Ramona Solberg. http://www.bellevueart.org

November 10 - January 7 -- Beadwork exhibit at Scooter Gallery Seattle

November 17 -- NWBS General Meeting, World on a String Episode 1, 7pm at Greenwood Masonic Lodge.

December 4 -- Seedbeaders Meeting, topic TBD. Held at Maplewood Rock & Gem Club, 10:30am-3:30pm. Contact Shelly Gillmann at 425-641-5136 or by email at shelly@nwfolk.com to RSVP and for more information.

December 15 -- NWBS Holiday Party & Swap-n-Shop, 7pm at Greenwood Masonic Lodge


January 2004: Ginny Rooney, Tagua Nut beads and baskets

February 2004: Robin Atkins, Beadwork around the world

March 2004: Laura Willits, Beadweaving, Painting with beads

April 2004: Leah Fairbanks, Gardens of Glass, Contemporary Lampwork

May 2004: Sherry Markovitz, Beaded Sculpture...Painting with beads

June 204: Paula Marie Walter

September 2004: Anne Choi

October 2004: Beading Social & Retreat Kickoff

November 2004: Kate McKinnon

December 2004: Holiday party and swap-n-sell


January 2003: Robin Atkins, "Beading on Cloth"

February 2003: Dan Adams and Cynthia Toops, "Origins"

March 2003: Jamey Allen, "The Bead Collections at the Cottonlandia Museum"

April 2003: Kim Osibin, "Venice and the Lagoon Area: the Glassworkers, Factories and Beads"

May 2003: Nan Roche, Polymer Clay

June 2003: Cheryl Cobern-Browne, "Highlights of the Bead Museum Collection"

September 2003: Emiko Sawamoto, Journey to becoming a Lampwork artist.

October 2003: Naiome Lindstrom, "Jade, The stone of Heaven"

November 2003: 20th Anniversary Celebration

December 2003: Holiday party and swap-n-sell


January: Dena Brown, "Photography, the Jurying Process, and the Rebellious Bead Show"

February: Virginia Blakelock, "A Dynamic Duo -- The Lives and Work of Virginia Blakelock and Carol Perrenoud"

March: Jeanette Shanigan, "Beadwork of Alaska Natives"

April: Isis Ray, "Murrine: History, Techniques, and Contemporary Work"

May: Ramona Solberg, "Beads, Bones and a Hank of Hair"

June: Kakuta Ole Maimai Hamisi, "Beads in the Maasai Culture"

September: Mystery Meeting -- bead-related games

October: Peter Francis, "The Bead Trade in the Indian Ocean with Special Reference to Berenike, Egypt"

November: Virginia Causey, Peg Gyldenege and Cynthia Toops, "Precious Metal Clay Panel Discussion"

December: Holiday party and swap-n-sell


January: Sarah Nelson Shriver, polymer clay beads

February: Mystery Meeting -- bead creations

March: David Horste, "Doing Business on the Internet"

April: Janice Peacock, "Glass Beadmakers of California"


June: Jeannette Cook, "Beading with Peyote Stitch"

September: Larry Scott, "Searching for a Positive Definition of Craft"

October: Lee Haga, "Principles of Aesthetics and Design"

November: Simma Chester, "Exotic, Eclectic and Offbeat"

December: Holiday party and swap-n-sell


January: Show & Tell

February: Robin Atkins, "The 23 Bead Project"

March: Torben Sode, "Contemporary Beadmakers in Egypt"

April: Don Pierce, "Loom Weaving with Beads"

May: Peter Francis, "Middle Eastern Glass Beads"

June: Robert Liu, "Roman Beads"

September: Donna Milliron, "Pate de Verre"

October: Karen Sinizer, "Pearls"

November: Dr. Alexander Leskov, "Scynthian Gold: Personal Adornment 500-400 BC"

December: Holiday party and swap-n-sell


January: Show & Tell

February: Laura Liska, color and polymer clay

March: David Horste, "Beads and Lapidary"

April: Virginia Causey, "More Metal Beads"

May: Rene Roberts, "Developing a Palette of Color"


September: David Chatt, "Bead Sculpture"

October: Jamey Allen, "The Bead Markets of West Africa"

November: Robert Liu, "Faience"

December: Holiday party and swap-n-sell


January: Show & Tell


March: Torben Sode, "Beads of the Viking Age"

April: Virginia Causey, "Metal Beads demo"

May: Jamey Allen, "Buying Beads in China"

June: Show and Touch and Do, beadwork demos

September: Lester Ross, "Pacific Northwest Fur Trade and Beads"

October: Alice Korach, "What's New at Bead & Button"

November: Kathy Dannerbeck, "Glass Beads and Buttons from Germany and the Czech Republic"

December: Holiday party and swap-n-sell


January: Show & Tell

February: Kiff Slemmons, "Insectopedia"

March: Albert Summerfield, Stone Bead display and discussion of drilling techniques

April: Cynthia Rutledge, "From Inspiration to an Object", the work of 5 seed bead artists

May: Jamey Allen, "The Treasures of the Bead Museum"

June: Tom Holland and Patricia Sage, glass beadmaking

September: Lois Dubin, "Floral Motifs in Native American Beadwork"

October: Margaret Maggio, a survey of the work of polymer clay artists around the country

November: Lark Dalton, "Drawn Glass Beads"

December: Holiday party and swap-n-sell


January: Show & Tell

February: Leslie Campbell, "The Rebellious Bead"

March: Jamey Allen, "Eye Beads and Magic Amulets"

April: Leroy Goertz and James Jones, Glass Beadmaking

May: Robert Liu, "Ancient Chinese Ornaments: Zhou to Han"

June: Julie Joynt & Bill Boss, "Trekking with Tika Company"

September: Pier Voulkos, Polymer Clay

October: Carol Huettner, "Secrets of the Scented Bead"

November: Duangporn Dunning, "Glass Bead Adornment Among the Hill Tribes of the Golden Triangle"

December: Holiday party and swap-n-sell




March: Jamey Allen, "Obscure Varieties of Glass Cane Beads"

April: Kirk Stanfield, "The Bead Industry in Kroboland (Ghana)"

May: Galina Rein, "Porcelain 'pate sur pate' Beads from Russia"

June: Mystery Bead Identification & Show-and-Tell with panel of serious bead collectors Steve Dunning, Eric Gorfman and Albert Summerfield

September: Robin Atkins, "Neglected Wonders: Glass Beads and Beadwork of Central Europe"

October: Dan Adams and Cynthia Toops, "Have Beads - Will Travel"

November: Alida Latham, "In All Their Finery: Festive Dress from the 4 Corners of the Planet"

December: Holiday party and swap-n-sell




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