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Member beads from the 20th Anniversary Commemorative Necklace (2003)

Barnard Jones

(ceramic, 17mm x 39mm)

(donated by Dan Adams and Cynthia Toops in his memory)

Bearfoot Art

(glass, 28 mm x 24 mm)

Cass Brotherton

(copper, brass & silver, 22mm)

Claudia Ebling

(ceramic, 25mmx43mm)

Chris Mohnkern

(glass, 18mm x 27mm)

Connie Walsh

(glass, 44mm x 20mm)

Cynthia Toops

(polymer clay, 15mm x 19mm)

Cathy Tuttle

(glass, 16mm x 15mm each)

Dan Adams

(glass, 30mm x 18mm)

David Chatt

(glass seed beads, 5.5cm round)

Doris Howell

(glass delica beads, 20mm x 17mm)

David Vance Horste

(19mm x 46mm)

Kim Miles

(glass and cubic zirconium, 24mm x 26mm)

Gail Ethier

(silver wire, 30mm x 33mm)

Georgia McMillan

(glass seed beads & sequins,

45mm x 30mm)

Isis Ray

(glass & gold foil, 23mm x 22mm)

Julie Clinton

(glass, 35mm x 21mm)

James Jones

(glass, 20mm round)

Jean Mills

(glass seed beads, 45 mm)

Janet Thompson

(seed beads, cylinder beads,20mm x 25mm)

Jennifer Brown

(glass seed beads, 19mm x 15mm)

JoAnn Feher

(glass seed beads, 30mm x 30mm)

Karen Bye

(glass, 30mm x 17mm)

Kathryn Gordon

(glass, 16mm x 35mm)

Debby Zook

(glass seed beads, 33mm x 22mm)

Kathy Repp

(seed beads, wire, 47mm x 22mm

Karen Alvensleben

(bakelite & rhinestone, 28mm x 24mm)

Kathy Johnson

(glass, 45mm x 47mm)

Laura Bowker

(glass and cork, 50mm x 39mm)

Lani Ching

(glass, 20mm round)

Leslie Goldstein

(glass, 15mm x 23mm)

Larry Scott

(glass, 18mm x 21mm)

Luann Vodder

(glass and silver foil, 14mm x 20mm)

Loraine Wolff

(glass, silver leaf and fine silver wire, 27mm x 32mm)

Margaret Brown

(glass seed beads, 22mm round)

Marjorie Burr

(glass with electroform copper, 10mm x 52mm)

Pamm Horbitt

(glass seed beads, 24mm round)

Susan Miller

(glass & glass seed beads, 18mm x 15mm)

Sharon Safka

(glass, 33mm x 24mm)

Sue Snyder

(glass, 19mm x 27mm)

Seed Bead Group

(glass seed & novelty beads, 4cm round)

Valerie Thorson

(glass beads, 20mm x 14mm)

Vivian Wolf-Wilets

(glass beads, 25mm x 10mm)

Vera Wieland

(glass, 23mm x 26mm)



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